Painting Heated

The paint booths used by VISOLUX perform the process of retention of particles, releasing the air at the end of impurities and chemicals providing a quality paint in projects developed by the company.


To develop prototypes, simulations and scope of each project, VISOLUX uses modern software facilitates the creation and presentation, faithfully representing the final result.

Are software developments for graphics, 3D, image treatments, architectural projects, among others.

Moreover, the company has management software that allows management of production activities and customer relationships, thus allowing a satisfactory outcome in the entire production process.

Vacuum Forming


Vacuum Forming is a simplified version of thermoforming, whereby a sheet of plastic is heated to a forming temperature, stretched on or within a single mold surface (BrE, mold), and held against the mold by applying a vacuum between the mold surface and the sheet. The vacuum forming process may be used to make the product more packing, columns and panels casings drive same.

Corte Plasma CNC

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